Besakih Full Day Tour
Rp 600.000 - 625,000
Tour Package
The Bali Besakih Tour is a full-day tour package that takes visitors to the eastern part of Bali to witness the magnificence of Besakih Temple, the biggest and most significant temple on the island, also known as the mother temple of Bali. The tour includes a visit to the historic Goa Gajah Temple, followed by a tour of Besakih Temple and its various temples. After lunch with a breathtaking view, the journey continues to the scenic hill jambul rice terrace, and the tour ends with a visit to the historical site of Kerta Gosa. The tour is led by an experienced and friendly driver, ensuring a memorable and spiritual experience.
Besakih Tour Itinerary :
  • 08:00 – Pick up at the hotel
  • 09.30 – Visit Goa Gajah Temple
  • 11.30 – Visit Besakih Temple
  • 13.00 – Lunch
  • 14.30 – Visit Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace
  • 15.30 – Visit Kerta Gosa
  • 16.30 – Back to hotel
  • 18.00 – Arrive at hotel
Places of Interest will be visit during Full Day Besakih Tour

Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah Temple, also known as Elephant Cave Temple, is a significant historical site in Bali that attracts a lot of tourists daily. This ancient cave features high-value art and historical relics such as stone idols, temples, and baths. The relief art inside the cave displays a face looking left, and the name is believed to come from "Lwa Gajah," a Buddhist temple or hermitage. Rediscovered in 1923, the site offers religious charm and beautiful scenery, making it a must-visit destination in Bali, and a popular final stop on the Kintamani Tour itinerary.

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple, also known as Pura Penataran Agung, is Bali's main place of worship. The complex comprises 22 temples expressing the Balinese belief of Tri Hita Kirana, promoting harmony between man and God, society, fellow humans, and nature. As the central temple of Hinduism in Bali since the 15th century, Besakih Temple has a high historical value. Visitors can enjoy a full-day Besakih Tour to explore the temples and learn about Balinese culture.

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace, located in the traditional village of Pesaban in Rendang district, Bali, is a must-visit natural tourist destination. With its harmonious combination of hills, rice fields, valleys, and sea views, it's renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Visitors can witness stunning panoramic views from high land and enjoy the cool breeze of the rice fields on a Besakih Tour. Don't miss out on this stunning location, located near Besakih temple.

Kerta Gosa

Kerta Gosa Ancient Justice Court Palace, an ancient Balinese building, served as a jurisdiction place where the king announced legislation, jurisdiction, and penalization. Surrounded by fishponds and tropical plantations, it has an artistic value, featuring ancient puppet pictures on its roof decorated with traditional Kamasan painting style. It's a popular tourist destination during a Besakih tour.
We offer private tours with two pricing options: Regular and Inclusive.

Regular Tour Price: IDR 600,000 per car for up to 6 people.
Note : Entrance fee and Lunch is not include in the price
Inclusion : Private Car / Minibus / Bus with Good A/C + Petrol + English Speaking Driver

Inclusive Tour Price: IDR 625,000 per person
Note : For Inclusive Price is minimun Booking 2 Person
Inclusion : Private Car / Minibus / Bus with Good A/C + Petrol + English Speaking Driver + Entrance Fee + Lunch Indonesian Food + Mineral Water

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